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The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness

Sänger:  No Idols
Release Date January 15, 2015

Jai:with a smirk“So, what’s your name pretty.”

Liora: *Sigh* “I am Liora, proctor of your Fantasy. Now, get back to realization.”


Born in the city of 'Bury, I never rode on a trike
I was one to be reckless, always stole me a bike

I remember me jumping off of the ramps by the track
I would crash and I burned, But I would never react

I moved from Maryland to Philly, don't remember the dating but
By the time I was 12, I was already aching

Thirteen, had a watch, fourteen, I was careless
But fifteen, I was tired of always playing rebellious

Sixteen, I wish would go away, 'member it like yesterday
I lost a family member and a friend, my life in disarray

Seventeen, my own man, working as an intern
Eighteen, Started college, stressing 'bout my midterm

No age was promised while I tried to learn my lesson
Could be all up in your pockets but that path ain't luminescent

I'm just saying, go 'head and keep up with the new trend
I'm Team Rocket, blasting off again inside your girlfriend, nigga

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8.4/10 (Stimmen: 2923)
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Eyes Wide Shut

Eyes Wide Shut


No Idols' debut album, Eyes Wide Shut

Released on 1/15/15

Executive Producers: Music◊Memory and Kid Travis

Mixed and Mastered by Music◊Memory

This is a concept/story-driven debut album taking place in dreams, where our main character (played by Jai. Hodges aka No Idols) will meet three people who will change his life. The first Proctor, Delano (Played by Artist/Producer Jed Wright), will take him through his nightmares; The second Proctor, Rem (Played by Rapper/Producer Ludwig Bulik), will guide him through his reality and the final Proctor, Liora (Played by Photographer Heaven Moyer), will push him through his fantasies. What he learns there will be entirely up to him.

So, Tell me, Will you question or run?

Characters (Main and Supporting):

Jai. ~ Myself

Delano (Proctor of the Nightmare section) ~ Jed “Kid Travis” Wright

Rem (Proctor of the Reality section) ~ Ludwig “Eluzai” Bulik

Liora (Proctor of the Fantasy section) ~ Heaven Moyer

King Marcell (Land of The Beast)~ Marcell Blount

The Beast (Non-Verbal)

Mother (Non-Verbal)

Featuring Atlas The Skywalker
Producers Ajgor
Writers No Idols
Liste der Songs:
The Slumber
No One Knows How To Close Doors Anymore
Into The Dark (Interlude)
Beige, Not White
Dissipation (FYTD) (Ft. Vonell)
The Expectations of Reality (Ft. GQ & Graphik)
Fool's Gold
The Midwinter (Ft. CardCaptorXP)
Let Me Know You (Ft. Jannah)
Love (Ft. Melodie Girard)
Get It Right (Reprise) (Interlude)
Promise You Nothing
Land of The Beast (Ft. Marcell)
The Pursuit of Happiness
The Crew/Parapraxis (Ft. Mr Smith)
March 23rd (Congressional Lies) (Ft. Kid Travis)
Advantages (Ft. Atlas The Skywalker)
Something From Nothing (Ft. Deno Diamond)
Eyes Wide Shut (The Bay)
Erscheinungstermin: 2015

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