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Journal summary(week 9)

Journal summary(week 9)

Sänger:  Judith Espinoza Camacho

So the poem i read was about how a guy is jealous and is pouring his broken heart to himself in his silence.his begging and pleeding to the girl in his mind to not kiss another guy or to move on without him.He explains how he understands he has no right to tell her striaght up because she is her right but that it hunts him. He says he can't stand to see or think that there is someone else. he ask to not kiss, see, share moments with him like she once did with him

This poem is about how a friendship so respectful can turn into a love story. he says that his a fan of the moon who lives the way he wants. how if he falls in love he will stick to her without he tries to now take his own way and explains everything to the girl before he leaves her

The way you look at me and hug me is the reason why i love you. when i asked the sky to give me someone you entered my life.the way you smile and your perfect way of being gives me the reasons why i go crazy for spin my world in circles and give me more reasons to love you.this is the basic summary of the poem i read. the topic was about the reasons that a girl gaved a guy to love her

So today the script i read about for theatre is that a wolf is on trial.the wolf so far is being dramatic and claims his innocent. the jury is getting annoyed by him.but he brushes off and the boy who cried wolf screams to say he saw wolf do every crime

The other portion on the script as im reading it, it starts off with the first pig being all dirty and nasty.she enters eating pie with no manners.when it had came the time for the pig to be a witness of the D.A she slams the pie to the book where she swears to tell the truth.and then tries to clean it off with her hand

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