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The Relapse

The Relapse

Sänger:  Clancy Maverick

“The Relapse” is a song from Clancy Maverick’s debut mixtape, It Takes Time.


I wish that I could cut you off. But you still know my every flaw
I wish that I could taper off, taper off, taper off
I feel you killing me inside. And you think I wouldn't notice much
I never loved like this before, but you'll never feel the same way

Verse 1
You've wrapped yourself around me like a noose or a tourniquet
I thought that I could rock with you, but you're just a burden and
You've taught me a lesson that I am currently learning and
I wish that I could talk to you, but don't wanna hurt again
Cold feet, cold shoulders, cold sweats, cold turkey
I'm certain this addiction has the power to hurt me
So I lock myself away, so nobody disturbs me
I'm relapsing from you. I keep crashing from you
How'd this happen to me? I thought I cut off my ties!
But you're creeping, and you're keeping me around with your lies
Foreign objects going in, going right beneath the skin
Does it sting? Does it burn? Still, I see no returns
Only pain, only loss, only suffering around me
I always end up in the same place that you found me
And everywhere I look, addiction's all around me
This liquor river's gonna drown me


Verse 2
So sick and tired of fighting, denying blindly
Ignoring all of the demons I have inside me
I feel a darkness that's creeping up from behind me
Like a shadow, my existence is shallow, so lets rewind it
I find it amazing, you've played me which such excitement
Like a child's toy box, straining my voice box, you look inside it
And find that everything you thought was a dream
Was really consequence unraveling. You've got in too deep
Now your skin's getting pale and you struggle to sleep
And your mental is restless, and you feel incomplete
Without a drug or a woman, or both, so what's the difference?
When you find you ain't got either then you feel something's missing
And now that you're tripping, you're put under suspicion
Everybody's sick of feeling pain, so they're growing distant
You can try all you want, but no matter how resistant
If nobody can trust you, then nobody will listen


I wish that I could sober up. You always say I'm not enough
But I don't feel the same way, I don't hear what you say
So now I think it's over
I wish that all we had is love. Instead, I think we're breaking up
I finally broke my habits, I lose you when I have it
So now I'm getting sober
You have always been my drug. You will always be my drug


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