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My Mentor

My Mentor

Sänger:  Fair to Midland
Written By Fair to Midland
Recording Engineer Fair to Midland , Jasen Mayfield D. Braxton Henry
Vocals Darroh Sudderth
Percussion Brett Stowers
Guitar Cliff Campbell
Drums Jason Pinter
Bass Nathin Seals
Mastered at CD Marksman
Release Date January 25, 2002

Among the sounds of all the secrets here in private lies a motive
And you can't make me talk or prophesize for rubies
Cause I'm the target
You know things are changing when in a room of one it's hard to stand out
And in the words or mine at the age of eighty
"I blame myself."

What's it mean to be special?
Is it something in the water?
Their feelings transmit into microscopic
Touches that just don't reach me

I tried to catch you in disaster
But my eyes, they catch the ceiling
The ropes they use to bound the others scared of number one
They don't even phase me
Containing one in me is an effort in itself
There is no doorbell
Would you save the last dance for a hidden stranger?
Well I don't blame you

But I have myself
And I have myself

Produziert:Jasen Mayfield , Fair to Midland , D. Braxton Henry
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9/10 (Stimmen: 2686)
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The Carbon Copy Silver Lining

The Carbon Copy Silver Lining

Beschreibung: -
Photography Nathin Seals
Layout Brett Stowers
Producers D. Braxton Henry
Writers Fair to Midland
Bass Nathin Seals
Drums Jason Pinter
Guitar Cliff Campbell
Liste der Songs:
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As I Was Traveling...
Informative Timeline
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-the Beltway-
My Mentor
Stale Penny (Miracle Grow)
Beto Ii
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See, Saw
Erscheinungstermin: January 25, 2002

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