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Sail on My Seasick Brethren

Sail on My Seasick Brethren

Sänger:  Hellsingland Underground
Release Date April 1, 2016

Verse 1
Sail on my seasick brethren
This new world was never yours
I have done my best to help you
I can’t do it anymore

Verse 2
On the road to self destruction
You still sing and cheer like it’s 1999
But deep inside you feel the change
Just like the warm summer setting sun

Verse 3
So long my seasick sisters
I always did my best
To be a friend when you needed someone
To love you better than the rest

Verse 4
Back when I was young and clueless
I still believed that I could save you all
The song of youth was doomed from the start
Born to go down like the setting sun

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10/10 (Stimmen: 1653)
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Understanding Gravity

Understanding Gravity

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