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All Along

All Along

Sänger:  Kerrin Connolly

Did you notice
That every mistake I ever make
Is with you in mind?
You're always right behind me
You can see everything I'm doing wrong
Desperately want to be the perfect me
But I'm not strong
You see, all along I've needed you

Pink cheeks that I'd like to meet
Are just out of reach
How we were designed
Keeping me in line
I'd write it down
But it always seems to come out wrong

Could I find the perfect phrase
You won't erase
Or is my chance long gone
To say all along I've needed you

Sooner or later
I'm gonna wear you down
Nothing's forever
So I have to do this now

Did you notice
That every mistake I ever make
Is with you in mind?
Secrets I hope you'll find here
Scribbled in the pages of our history
You and me
Everything I ever wanted you to see

Awkwardly, I'd let you wipe away
The things I'd say my whole life long
If only you'd understand that where you are is where I belong
All along I needed you
I've needed you

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